College Campus

Kumudini Women’s Medical College is situated within Kumudini Complex at Mirzapur, Tangail which is 70 km north-west of Dhaka. The campus can be reached by both road and rail from Dhaka and northern districts of Bangladesh. The college campus constitutes a major area of Kumudini Complex with 110 acres of land and greenery. The campus includes:
• Medical College Building
• Hospital Building (850 bed)
• Dental Unit Building
• Auditorium & Library
• Hostel Buildings for Medical students (5 multistoried hostels)
• Student Mess and Canteen
• Accommodation for Academic and Clinical staff.

The College

College Building I

It is located in the adjacent to the hospital campus occupying about 40,200 sqft. It is a single storied building accommodating:
• Principal’s office and administrative office
• Office of Vice Principal
• Department of Anatomy
• Department of Physiology
• Department of Biochemistry
• Department of Community Medicine
• Department of Pharmacology
• Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
• Students’ Common Room

College Building II

It is a partly single storied and partly double storied building accommodating:
• Department of Pathology
• Department Microbiology
• Blood Bank
• Laboratory
• Central Pharmacy
• Practical and Tutorial Class Rooms (2)

College Building III

• Library
• Dental Unit
• Clinical Outpatient Department
• Demonstration Room
• Laboratory for Science of Dental Material

College Facilities

Kumudini Women’s Medical College is implementing a well-designed curriculum, utilizing modern and effective instructional methods and aids including information technology. It provides the right environment for faculty development including continuous monitoring and rigorously evaluating all the activities and systems. It provides spacious lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories, tutorial rooms for small group discussion and one spacious dissection hall with a museum, library with a wide reading room, students’ common room, canteen, fair price shop. The main facilities include:
• Lecture halls (four): with multimedia, sound system, OHP, slide projector and blackboard
• Tutorial rooms (ten): The department shares the tutorial rooms according to the class routine.
• Laboratories (Nine): Histology-1, Physiology-1, Biochemistry – 1, Pharmacology –1, Pathology – 1, and Microbiology -1. All are provided with necessary teaching materials, equipment, microscopes, histology slides, glass wares, reagents etc.
• Dissection Hall (one): providing arrangements of dissection on four cadavers at a time. It also has space for demonstration arrangement for 110 students divided into four groups in four corners of the big Dissection hall.
• Museum (four): Anatomy – 1, Pathology – 1, Community Medicine - 1 and one for Forensic Medicine which contains an adequate number of specimen, charts and models.
• Continued Medical Education Unit.
• Library.

College Hostel

college hostel

The college is fully residential and has adequate residential accommodation for all the enrolled students. It has separate dining rooms, study rooms and club rooms. There are four hostels with a total of 688 seats. One of the hostels is for the foreign students. A modern hostel complex having six buildings are under construction of which one is already complete. These buildings will accommodate 1600 students.

Teaching Methods and Materials

Theoretical lectures are delivered in the lecture halls equipped with laptop, multimedia with sound system, OHP, slide projector and blackboard. Tutorial classes and small group discussions are held in tutorial rooms divided into batches. Practical/dissection and histology classes are held batch-wise in concerned rooms/labs furnished with necessary instruments, cadavers. There are also arrangements for clinical classes in the inpatient and outpatient departments in the hospital.


Kumudini Women’s Medical College library is situated on the 1st floor of the college building. It provides seating arrangement for 110 students at a time and remains open from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm which is run by two librarians and their assistants. There is a separate reading room for the teachers. The library has a sufficient number of academic and reference books of different disciplines and specialties including the latest editions on all major subjects of medicine. It receives 82 journals including international journals. All the books are duly indexed and cataloged. The teachers of the Medical College are able to meet the demand for ready references for ongoing research activities. Photocopying facility is also available at subsidized rate. In addition, the library is also equipped with computers and internet facility for browsing references and e-book, etc.