General Rules:

Students are required to strictly abide by the rules of the college. Any deviation shall lead to punitive actions against the student concerned.

Disciplinary rules:

Students must maintain discipline inside the complex.
• Raising of slogan, shouting or parading in procession are strictly prohibited.
• Addiction to drug and alcohol abuse amounting to moral turpitude and such offenders are liable for expulsion from the college.
• Students are required to observe order and discipline strictly at all times in the college.
• Political activities are strictly prohibited.
• Students must behave properly with staff, employees of the college/hospital; acts of misbehavior are liable for disciplinary action.
• At the time of admission, both the student and their respective guardian will have to sign a bond that their child/ward will abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
• Strict cleanliness is to be maintained all through the campus. Students are to refrain from plucking flowers and damaging fruit plants.
• Students are not to disturb or interfere in the affairs of other institutions within the complex.

Attendance rules:

Every student is required to attend all classes and clinical teaching in the college and hospital punctually. All students are required to maintain 100% attendance in lecture, practical and ward placement. Any student securing less than 100% attendance in any of the areas will not be eligible to appear at university examination. Failing which, the student will be required to attend a further course until the requirement is fulfilled.

Accommodation rules:

The college is fully residential. All students admitted to this college must reside in the allotted students’ hostel. The principal, in special cases, however may allow any student to reside outside with their parents or guardian. Any change of guardianship or changes of lodging by any student must be reported forthwith to the college authority. It is compulsory that students take their food in the college hostel.

Academic Standard/Standing

Students are expected to maintain a consistently high standard in their academic work. Course evaluations will be made through regular items, card final examinations, periodic class test, quizzes, assignments and mid/end term examinations conducted by individual departments. The mid/end term tests shall include written (combinations of MCQs and short-questions) orals practical including OSPEs and OSCEs. The results shall be recorded in the students’ progress report cards/log book.
No student shall be allowed to sit for the professional MBBS examination of the university without a minimum of 75% attendance in classes held, secure at least 60% marks in class assignments and periodic in course examinations thus demonstrating satisfactory attitude, behavior and conduct.